Friday, June 5, 2009

My New Wardrobe

Every athlete needs clothes, and I am no exemption. Most large women don't like to shop, but I do. I am fascinated by "What Not to Wear, and believe that clothes are not just superficial but make a statement about who we think we are. For a fat woman, clothes are very important because they can convey a level of self acceptance which others will validate. A well dressed fat women sends a message , "I take myself seriously and you should too."

In order to make good on my plan to run a mile, I am retiring. June 30 is the big day, when I am 60, say goodbye to the office for good, and am reborn as someone obsessed by exercise rather than by watching TV. The only downside is that I no longer get to shop for work clothes. Fortunately, a whole new category of merchandise beckons --- exercise clothes.

Any big wardrobe transition requires a shopping trip to New York, so after a long bus ride, and a wonderful meal enjoyed by my yet to be reborn self, I hit Lord and Taylor. Why you may ask, would some one go to L&T for exercise clothes? The answer is a whole floor of plus size, well made clothing! Here I find the mother load of Kate Hill separates. Stretch cotton pants, T-shirts and sweat jackets so soft they feel like my favorite pajamas. I select a color palate -- black, royal blue and white, and I buy a set.

Back in the hotel, I model these for my friend who exclaims that they fit beautifully -- not too tight, yet not voluminous. And I feel like I am wearing pajamas they are so comfortable. I can't take them off. I wear them to dinner which means we have to go to a sports bar and eat sliders. The next morning before boarding the bus home, I rush back and buy another set.

Back home spring has arrived with the first spurt of warm weather. I need shorts. I search the web. I look on the Junonia site -- a brand for active large size women. The shorts look dowdy. Then I try Landsend and bingo! Beautiful shorts and yoga pants. And a singlet with a built- in bra in my size. I touch the purchase button and I am on my way to my new self!

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