Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back at Last

I have been gone from this blog for a long time during which I have experienced a period of inactivity and introspection. I am not really certain what external factors led me to drop out of my exercise program. -- there were illnesses, back problems and family issues, but to me the inability to get my body going seemed more internal. During this inactive period I felt entitled to do nothing on some days. After all, I have kept to a rather tight schedule for forty years. I also felt I needed silence and time where I did not have to deal with other people. I must say that I am a true introvert, in the sense that I feel the most centered when I spend time alone in silence.

And then of course there are sports. October is my favorite month. It features the
World Series (my oldest daughter when she was five called it the World Serious because of how determined I was not to be interrupted during the games.) There is also both college and professional football. But please do not ask me about the Redskins. Their performance alone is enough to drive me into a catatonic state. And my grandsons are playing football and doing very well at winter swim meets. During the past month I also watched the President's Cup, the world tack and field championships, the world gymnastic championships, iceskating and world cup ski racing.

But whatever the many reasons for my withdraw from blogging and exercise, I now feel ready to come back to this part of my life. Today, Allyson and I did two walking blocks at Brookside Gardens. It was raining and the last survivors of the amazingly colored fall leaves still held tenaciously to the trees. The chrysanthemums were vibrant. They were pruned to form perfect balls and topiaries which offended my sensibilities. I prefer wild gardens, or those with subtle structure.

Allyson and I have been developing a small conservatory in our sun room. We have a gardenia, an evergreen, a mum and some ferns. I also have a small jade plant that I hope to use to start a bonsai garden. The sun room 's air seems wet and super oxygenated. We bought a wicker chaise lounge and several chairs, and I love to have my morning coffee in there. I feel as if air is rejuvenating.

I also feel I can now reach out to friends again, and put words on the computer, so I expect to be writing more often. I feel like I can return to my exercise program. Tomorrow we are going to Miami for a few days, and I am looking forward to many hours in the pool and the ocean.

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